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In theory all Indian children are entitled to a state education. In practice many don’t get one.  In many isolated villages, schools will only teach to the 4th standard and older children may need to travel many kilometres for higher standards. To qualify for college or university, students need to have passed the 12th standard. The distances involved and the lack of transport, mean that few children from these villages continue with any formal education beyond these very primary stages. These small schools are very simply equipped, one or two rooms sometimes with a few benches and long desks (usually the children will just sit on the floor), a black-board and occasionally a few coloured charts and only the books or parts of books the children have managed to bring with them. (The state government does make some provision for text books to poor rural schools, but Government provision and actual text books in every pupil's hands are two very different matters.) In some schools teachers carefully paint useful information on the walls and sometimes even on the floor. 

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