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Over the years the India government has passed many laws and set up many offices and institutions in an attempt to eradicate certain social customs and to provide some protection to the more vulnerable members of society however whatever has been written, said or done, the fact remains that in many areas Indian Citizens are not benefiting from these laws. Caste exclusion; caste remains a very complex issue but despite many government attempts at reform and in the face of the great social upheavals that are taking place in the cities, in these rural areas caste remains a very important part of the social fabric leaving many people marginalized and at a great disadvantage in terms of benefiting from education, health and employment opportunities. Bonded labour; although this practice is outlawed by statute it continues and is often passed from parent to the child. Widows; widows are still regarded as a source of misfortune and are excluded from many social situations, little regard seems to be paid to their needs or the needs of their children. Customs and traditions add colour, interest and a sense of belonging to a social group, however in these villages the actions arising from people’s belief in ‘witchcraft’ continues to blight the lives of many.

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